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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Design is knowing which ones to keep."

- Scott Adams - 

How it all began.

House of Hazelnut started out when some folks in our family along with a few friends started getting married and having babies in 2006. I was a few years out of college, working at a small print shop, feeling creatively unsatisfied. The need for invitations and announcements came up and though it was a little out of my field {logo/branding/identity design} I thought it would be fun…and I was the one with the printer hook-up. Turns out, even though I worked with a lot of bands and grungy-dark graphics, I was pretty good at the

frilly-light stuff and soon started picking up more and more wedding work. 


Skip ahead about a year and my now-hubby and I, bought a house, got engaged and began building a studio in the attic of our home. Though he’s a musician at heart, he’d surprisingly learned quickly how to assemble my intricate creations. I had just learned of Etsy and we decided to give it a try and go into business for ourselves. 


What’s in a name?

We acquired some equipment, established some paper and embellishment vendors and I had grown a

fairly large library of invitation samples. Now a name was needed. Well around this time, Kyle and I were approaching our wedding day and I had decided that I wanted to keep my last name. It’s long, no one can say it, but it’s very unique. It was a name made up by my great-great grandfather to hide their Russian heritage when they fled to Hungary during their civil war. 



Thought to have meant ‘House of Hungarians’ (ancient Magyar)

Actual translation: ‘Hazelnut House’ 

Upon learning of this fun family fact, I decided this was the name and

House of Hazelnut was officially in business. 


Process schmocess.

I can’t say that I don’t have any process, but inspiration and ideas come from all over. A smell, a memory,

a taste…or simply a request. Most custom jobs start out with a string of emails and inspiration boards

being shared, whereas ideas for products or new designs come from  my life and surroundings.  

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